My version of Pennywise from Stephen King’s IT. It’s just such an iconic character that I’ve been wanting to do it justice (as I see it) for some time now. For those who know the book, I’ve tried to put in a little Bob Grey too.


Hello Again


Here we go. Nothing like a new start, kind of. So I decided pretty much all my artwork needed updating. The trouble is knowing when to stop. You can just keep going and going until you enter the realm of overkill. Hopefully I’ve got it a little more spot on. It’s certainly been a while.

An Ode to the Colour Blind


I thought I would give my two pennies regarding the issues I have with colour. Or non issues really. I am colour deficient (to be politically correct, but I grew up with the term colour blind so I’m sticking with it!). I worked professionally in a design studio for around ten years, and nobody ever knew. I certainly didn’t offer the information as I thought it wouldn’t go down too well. So I never actually got a negative criticism, but I did get “wow I never would have thought of making the sky that colour” and “Hmm, that orange grass actually works”. I did once get into a heated debate about what colour a vampire should be (whilst working on the cover for the Dracula audiobook) but I put this down to the other person’s lack of vampire lore, along with┬áhis belief┬áthat all dead things should be green. And actually Dracula was “un-dead”┬áso there.

Quibbles aside, if I was ever actually offered a miracle cure for it, I’m not so sure I would accept. It’s just a great feeling to put colour where it SEEMS right and not be tied down by petty constraints like RULES and COLOUR THEORY. I did get around a lot of issues by memorising where certain key colours were in Photoshop, and by running things past my long-suffering pc and art widow wife.

So I suppose the point if all this is, being colour blind (yes I said it) isn’t the end of your art career, it’s just a different path. As the song says “you take the high road, I’ll take the low road”. We’re going in same direction though, right? So paint away.


fairweather Friends

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fairweather friendsMissing those Autumn skies already. This was a fun idea I had about what happens to scarecrows in this cold and windy season. I couldn’t bear to make it a rainy scene; that would have been too much. So it isn’t set here in Wales, as the rain seems to ignore seasons and pretty much does what it likes. At least the boy and his dog are doing their best to keep him company. Hope you like it.